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As a wedding photographer, one theme I hear from so many of my couples after their engagement session is "we had so much fun!". When I hear that I know I did my job! My style is a blend of posed and candid to give you a great selection of photos, but above all I want you to have fun! After all, your time as an engaged couple is a relatively short part of your journey as a couple and I want you to look back on your photos and remember how joyous that time in your life was. As much as I aim to make your session fun and enjoyable, there are some things you can do to make sure you love your photos and have a good time, too! After photographing an average of 30 engagement sessions a year, here are the top 5 tips I have for making your engagement session fun and enjoyable!

  1. Wear something that feels like you. If you're going to be uncomfortable in a stiff dress or worried about a wardrobe malfunction, don't wear it. If high heels hurt your feet, don't wear them. If you're going to sweat through that button down, trade it it for a lighter sweater. If you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing it will show in your photos. I send all of my couples a detailed prep guide prior to the engagement session to help with details of coordinating, but above all I recommend wearing your go-to Saturday night outfit out with friends because you'll feel like you which will make everything else come into play.

  2. Pick a location that fits your story. In addition to a detailed guide on choosing outfits, all of my couples also receive a curated list of locations that are perfect for an engagement session. Just like the outfits, the best tip is to pick a location where you'll feel comfortable. Maybe it's where you first met, or where you like to spend a lot of time. For example, if you two love to hike together let's go explore somewhere in nature! But on the other hand if you really want to glam up and not have your heeels sink into grass, let's go somewhere more urban. Just like with your outfits, your comfort level with the location will determine how successful your session goes.

  3. Be close! Of course there's always some gitters when we first meet since you're not used to having professional photos taken, but my goal is to help those go away after a few minutes. Once we're warmed up try to remember to always stay close to each other since the goal is to capture you two together, not walking 10 feet apart. After all, you're getting married so don't be afraid to touch! Hold hands, pull her close, run your fingers through his hair - I want to see it all!

  4. Play with each other. Now that we've gone over being close, I want to see what it's like when I'm not around. The tickles, the jokes - let it all out! I want to capture the real raw love between you and your partner and that starts with you being willing to let those walls down and let the love shine through! It also means not being worried about recreating all of the images you saw on Pinterest. When you hire me one of my goals is to make sure you trust me, so put your phone away, leave the posing to me and let's focus more on documenting your own love story!

  5. Don't sweat the small stuff. Nothing kills the vibe more than a couple who argues. I'm not here to judge your relationship, but I promise that it's ok if he is wearing jeans and not the khakis you picked out. Or if she scheduled the engagement session at the same time as the football game (I promise we can stop and check the stats along the way!) No matter what it is that your partner did to annoy you, let it go. If you let that fester you're not going to have a good time and in turn you're not going to like your photos. So let the little things roll off your shoulder and let's have fun!

Dani & Tyler are the perfect example of a couple who embodied all of these things and it shows! They choose to have their engagement session in Historic Annapolis where they shared their first home together. They each wore their favorite outfit and they let their walls down. Use them as inspiration for how to truly have a fun engagement session! And if you're eyeing those adorable boots Dani wore, you can snag your own pair here!

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