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One of my favorite aspects of wedding photography is actually pre-wedding day; it's the small window of time when you as a couple moves into the "fiancé" stage of life. This is a time that's so short in the scheme of your entire journey and what better way to freeze that time than with an engagement session! With all my full day wedding packages I offer a complimentary engagement session because of how important this time is for each couple. Occasionally I'll have some couples who are not interested in engagement photos, perhaps someone else gifted them a session prior or they don't think they need the photos. If you're in that boat, let me convince you otherwise! Here are my top 3 reasons for you to take engagement photos:

  1. Consider the engagement photos to be a practice run for the wedding. Most people don't have professional photos taken every day (your iPhone selfies don't count), and you don't want your wedding day to be the first time you're in front of the camera. Why? Because honestly, most people freeze in front of a professional camera and it takes time to get comfortable with having your photo taken. The wedding day usually has such a small window for portrait photos and we don't want to take up that time getting to know each other and figuring out what poses you like best. We want you to get to portrait time on wedding day and feel so confident and relaxed because you've already done it before!

  2. Get to know your photographer better. To add on to the above point, you're most likely not going to be willing to get super silly with someone you just met. The time we spend together will help us strengthen our friendship (yes, I think of all of my clients as friends!). By doing this I'll feel more attached to you, you'll feel more attached to me, and the combo of this will allow us to make some real magic together!

  3. It's fun! No seriously, it is. Forget dinner and a movie, a couple photoshoot is the perfect way to spend a day together! (plus me, your fav 3rd wheel). We'll explore, play games, I'll tell you corny jokes - I guarantee you'll leave laughing! This period of your relationship is so short comparatively to the rest of your relationship so why not document this time in your life so you can look back on this year(ish) with so many positive memories. Think of it like a souvenir that you'd bring back from vacation, except this vacation is a super important time in your lives!

Still feeling nervous about doing an engagement session? Let these two love birds inspire you and give you a taste for how much fun we'll have together! Leah and Josh opted for an extended engagement session so they could include their pets and it was double the fun! We ended up learning so much about each other, including that Leah and I both share a passion for art. Leah and Josh - I'll take you up on that dinner rain check soon and I cannot wait for your wedding next fall at Mt.Washington Dye House!

Until next year! xoxo

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