Carlie & Luke | Ellicott City Wedding

If you've followed me for a little while you'll know that I'm in love with my town - there's just so many reasons not to be! I have an Aunt who lives in Oella just above Main Street and when I was a kid she would take me walking through town and through neighboring Patapsco State Park and I was always fascinated with the juxtaposition of the old architecture against the backdrop of the valley. I remember a warm feeling anytime I got to adventure in Old Ellicott City - everyone was always so welcoming and it really felt like a tight community. Maybe it's because I was also a fan of Gilmore Girls at the time and Ellicott City definitely gives off that small town charm that you feel from watching that show. When I graduated high school I always wanted to go out and see the world but always knew I wanted to come back one day. When I turned 18 and left for college I stuck to my goal of seeing the world and I'm so thankful I was able to make that a reality. While working through school I saved as much as I could and moved to France when I was 20. I back packed all around Europe and then eventually made my way to Asia in grad school and then to the DC area after graduating with my MBA. After experiencing so many amazing cultures I decided that it was time to put down roots and after living and traveling to so many places state side and abroad, I just couldn't get Ellicott City out of my mind. So in 2015 I moved to a little spot on Main Street and have built my life and business here ever since.

I could write for days about all of the things I love about Ellicott City, but at the top of the list has to be just how strong she is. Living through multiple deadly floods, fires, train crashes and now Covid, has been so hard on our town - we're talking bring you to your knees type of pain - but every time we always stand up and we stand up even taller and stronger than the time before. So every time someone inquires about hiring me as their wedding photographer and I see it's in Ellicott City, I do a little happy dance! I'm happy for my couples that they've chosen such a beautiful location to commit their love and happy that the town and all of our small businesses gets to be part of another love story. Carlie and Luke live in Alabama so I was so excited for the opportunity to show them around town on their wedding day. They were married at St.Paul Catholic Church then we ventured through Main Street and finished the celebrations at Main Street Ballroom. Luke's dad performed the ceremony which made the day even more special. During the ceremony he spoke about the significance of getting married during a global pandemic, and how their bond will be so much stronger due to what they've already faced. It felt appropriate to hear those words standing in a place that fully embodies what it means to be resilient. Carlie and Luke, may you marriage be blessed with the same qualities of the town where you committed your love: strength, resilience and adventure. Cheers to you!

Ceremony: St.Paul Catholic Church

Reception: Main Street Ballroom

Planner: Something Blue Event Design

Caterer: Rogue Fine Catering

Florals: Eden Floral Design

Video: Kenny Kings Media