Brookeside Gardens Engagement | Alex & Alex | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

For starters, how fun to marry someone with the same name as you?! I first met Alex squared at the wedding of one of my super fun couples, Heather and Bobby. What I didn't know at the time was that we actually live on the same street only about a block apart! When they inquired about me photographing their upcoming 2021 wedding we quickly discovered that we easily have a dozen mutual friends or more. Needless to say we clicked right away! But there was something deeper in our connection - we were all home on Main Street for the most recent flash floods in Ellicott City. No further words needed to be spoken about that to know that we share a bond that not many can understand. The trauma of watching your town become a raging river is something that stays with you forever, but I like to believe it makes us stronger and more resilient souls. These experiences don't define us, but I knew Alex and Alex would be instant friends for this bond we share. It also felt ironic that we were chasing storm clouds during their engagement session - Mother Nature's got jokes.

On a lighter note, these two are caring, gorgeous together and so much fun! Alex and Alex - when Covid is over I can't wait to hit up our favorite EC bars together and even more excited to celebrate your wedding next year! Thanks to Heather and Bobby for bringing us together!

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