Education for photographers

Hello fellow creative! If you're here that means something in my work inspired you, and I want to help spark that even further! Coaching sessions are perfect for photographers of all experience levels and provide you with the ability to learn years worth of knowledge in just a few hours - lucky you! Topics are geared toward wedding and lifestyle photographers but the basics can apply to any genre. The Photography Basics course is available to anyone, all other sessions limited to those operating outside of the greater Baltimore area. Payment plans available. Enjoy a discount when you invest in more than 1 session.

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No. 1: Photography Basics

Includes understanding how to use your camera, how to comfortably shoot in manual mode, review of what's in my camera bag and how it all works together. 

2 hours, 500

No. 2: Lighting, Composition & Posing

Come along with me for an adventure and we'll cover shooting in a variety of different lighting situations. Layered onto lighting we'll dig into how to decide where to shoot portraits, how to compose the perfect shot and how to pose a couple or a family. You get to pick the type of shoot and I'll provide the models. After the session we'll review your photos in camera.

3 hours of instruction, 700

No. 3: Editing in Lightroom 101

This will be a virtual session where we walk through the basics of using Lightroom. We'll pick out 10 of your photos to edit together and I'll guide you through what choices to make based on the editing style you're aiming to achieve.

2 hours of instruction, 500

No. 4: How to Run a Profitable Small Business

Being creative and knowing how to use a camera is not enough to be a successful photographer. In this session we'll go through the foundation of running a profitable small business.  I'll help you define your workflow end to end: customer relationship management, photo backups, website, Facebook, Instagram, contracts, book-keeping and other essentials you need to know to start and run a successful small business. 

8 hours of instruction, 1500

No. 5: Day In the Life

Done over several sessions, we'll walk through topics from the above collections depending on your needs. We'll assess where you are in your photography journey, map out goals and work to get your business and your craft to the next level. This course is tailored to wherever you are in your business right now and includes virtual sessions, hands-on instruction and personalized business planning. 

8 hours of instruction, 1500

No. 6: Ask me anything!

Consider this a "design your own" mentoring session. This is where you lead the conversation with questions you want answered. We can talk about any topics mentioned in the other mentoring sessions, the typical wedding flow, your cost of doing business, lifestyle sessions or anything in between. 

1 hour of instruction, 300

Wedding Shadow

Shadow me to see the ins and outs of being the lead photographer on wedding day! You'll get to experience managing the timeline, working with other vendors, posing large groups as well as the couple, managing family portraits, ceremony flow, and experience the various lighting situations during a reception. I'll explain to you why I'm making certain decisions and share my settings as well as other hands on tips throughout the day. Best of all you'll be able to use the photos in your portfolio. This experience is invaluable if your goal is to become a lead wedding photographer and must more realistic compared to what you receive from a styled shoot. 


Not sure what to do with all of the photos afterwards? We'll meet virtually after the wedding to walk through sorting the photos, editing and delivery