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Home is where the heart is, and lucky for me I get to work and live in my favorite place on Earth: Historic Ellicott City, Maryland. There's something charming about the old mill town that feeds my soul and warms my heart. I get to wake up each day surrounded by a strong community that has been through so much. My street is lined with history, nature, good people and good food: what else could a girl need? My photography style is very similar to the personality of my town: vibrant, timeless and full of life. 


My passion is telling stories through photographs. I love using natural light to capture the most precious moments of our lives; the raw emotions that tell our stories in their purest form. My goal as your photographer is to help tell your story, and to help you relive your memories every time you look at the art we create together.

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There are so many wonderful photographers in the world, and for you to pick me means we must be meant to be! I'm much different than a photo studio you'd find in a mall; I'm an artist and a storyteller. I'm quirky, I'm passionate and I care - a lot. When I don't have a camera in hand, I love traveling, trying new foods, enjoying local beer and wine, camping, listening to music, running, riding bikes, volunteering and enjoying time with family and friends.

The storyteller behind the lens

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Britt + Mado Photo - Denver Colorado Por


  • Colors found in nature speak to your soul

  • Going on adventures is one of your favorite things to do

  • You love living in the moment and just having a good time

  • You don't mind my corny jokes

  • Candid moments make you feel like someone is cutting onions (yes, I cry at every wedding!)

  • You want your photo memories to stand the test of time (because do you even remember where your first smartphone is with all of those pics you took on it?)

  • You value the investment of good art

  • You believe that love is stronger than hate

  • You pay it forward every chance you get 

  • You want to get in the water or climb a mountain with me at your engagement session!

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